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This is a free learning resource for current and prospective farmers in The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program.  In the TIST Learning Centre you will find trainings on Conservation Farming, TIST Small Groups, Tree Planting, and many more exciting topics.  

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Watch the video below, called "What is Carbon," for an example of what is included in the TIST Learning Centre.  

Featured Courses

Prospective TIST Farmers

1. Intro to TIST Series: The Core TIST Values (201)

Course rating is 4.44 stars
Prospective TIST Farmers

2. Intro to TIST Series: Tree Planting and TIST (202)

Course rating is 3.8421052631578947 stars
Prospective TIST Farmers

3. Intro to TIST Series: Tree Planting and Carbon Credits (203)

Course rating is 4 stars
Prospective TIST Farmers

4. Intro to TIST Series: Small Group Structure (204)

Course rating is 3.6666666666666665 stars