Cluster servant training

Cluster Servant Series: The Core TIST Values

TIST Farmers share an important set of values.  Following these values is a very important part of being in the TIST Program.  In this training, you will learn how to teach the TIST Values, how TIST Farmers follow the values in their work, and how...

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Estimated Course size in MB : 3

Course content

  • Lesson Introduction: The Core TIST Values
  • Lesson Who Are We?
  • Lesson How do We do Things Differently?
  • Lesson What Do We Do?
  • Lesson What Do We Create?
  • Lesson Why Are the TIST Values Important?
  • Lesson TIST Values Conclusion
  • Lesson Training Feedback Survey
  • Lesson Sideload 1. Intro to TIST: The Core TIST Values