Cluster Servant Training
4. Cluster servant training

Cluster Servant Training

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Curriculum content

  • TIST Farmers share an important set of values.  Following these values is a very important part of being in the TIST Program.  In this training, you will learn how to teach the TIST Values, how TIST Farmers follow the values in their work, and how the values help TIST Farmers and their families.  
    • Lesson Introduction: The Core TIST Values

    • Lesson Who Are We?

    • Lesson How do We do Things Differently?

    • Lesson What Do We Do?

    • Lesson What Do We Create?

    • Lesson Why Are the TIST Values Important?

    • Lesson TIST Values Conclusion

    • Lesson Training Feedback Survey

    • Lesson Sideload 1. Intro to TIST: The Core TIST Values

  • This is the first module for the Cluster Servant Training.  It is designed as both a refresher for experienced Cluster Servants, as well as an introduction to new Cluster Servants.  In this training you will learn the Standard Operating Procedures to follow as a TIST Cluster Servant.  This will include operate the Pendragon Forms App on your Android phone, syncing your phone with the TIST server and taking a baseline reading of a grove.  After completing each module the next module will be made available to you.  When you have completed all modules, you will be eligible to take the Cluster Servant Certification Test.
  • Welcome to this next session in the Cluster Servant training.  In this section you will learn how to install the new version of the Pendragon Application on your Android phone.  This is important, because only the most recent version of Pendragon Forms will sync with the TIST server.
  • In this training you will learn the steps to take in order to compete a baseline of a TIST grove using Pendragon Forms on you Android phone.
  • In this section of the Cluster Servant Training you will learn how to do a complete quantification using Pendragon Forms on your Android phone.  This is the last required section for the Cluster Servant training.  Upon completing this training you will be eligible to take the Cluster Servant test.
  • This is the test required for all Cluster Servants before beginning Cluster Servant responsibilities.  This test will assess your knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures for Cluster Servant Responsibilities.  You must receive a 90% in order to pass this test.
  • Learn more about the central activity of TIST: planting trees! In this training, you will learn how to teach why planting trees is important and how planting trees can benefit you and the environment. You will also learn how to teach planting trees with TIST and how trees qualify for carbon money.  
  • In this training, you will learn how to teach what carbon is, how the carbon cycle works, how tree planting fits into the carbon cycle, and how carbon credits are generated for carbon money.  
  • In this training, you will learn how to teach about the TIST structure and why Small Groups are so important to TIST.  
  • TIST grows by farmers telling friends and family about the TIST Program. This short training explains how you can best help TIST grow.
  • This training explains how a new Small Group can join TIST.  
  • This training describes the Greenhouse Gas Contract and how the payment process to TIST Small Groups works. It is important to know that all members of a TIST Small Group must sign the Greenhouse Gas Contract in order to start receiving carbon payments.  
  • This is a short training which reviews the checklist for Cluster Leaders to follow to prepare and conduct a Cluster Meeting.